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Hershey's Metal Meister employees working on metal folding machines at the factory in Mattoon, Illinois

Filling an

Our Expertise

Decades of Experience

Our initial plan included manufacturing metal roofing, building trusses, and selling wholesale building supplies. However, we soon discovered some major voids in this marketplace and decided to fill them instead.

  • Experience & Expertise
  • Innovative Design
  • Excellent Customer Service
Hershey's Metal Meister

Our History

German Engineering, American Craftmanship

Our family has a background in both roll-forming and machinery manufacturing, so we understand the frustration of having breakdown in the bottleneck of your operation. We also know what it is to have a superior European machine, yet not be able to get parts promptly or receive knowledgeable technical support.

Our partnership with Asco Machines gives you the advantage of the latest European engineering coupled with enhancements for the American market. Since the Variobend USA folding machines are assembled right here in Illinois, we can provide you with easy access to parts and service.

Image of a metal folding machine inside of the Hershey's Metal Meister factory in Mattoon, Illinois

Our Mission

To provide a quality machine along with unmatched service to allow our customers to be competitive in the metal market.

Innovative Development

Machines developed through innovation.

“How was this machine developed?” The inventors of the Variobend, a father and son from Austria, had worked for decades as servicemen on all of the major European folding machine brands. They used their experience and expertise to design and build a machine that eliminated many of the weaknesses they had seen in other machines. We were pleased to find that this machine reduced or removed many of our frustrations from over the years.

Hershey's Metal Meister employee working on a metal piece for a metal folding machine at the factory in Mattoon, Illinois

Industry leading metal solutions.

Continuing Value

Not surprisingly, when the opportunity arose several years ago to purchase the patent rights for the United States and Canada, we viewed this as a tremendous opportunity to advance Variobend to a still higher level for the North American market. The present finds us building Variobend machines here in the US with SAE hydraulic lines, hoses, and other components. In fact, all hydraulic components are sourced in the USA. All electrical elements are assembled on-site, and our in-house software developers can fine-tune programs to meet your specific needs. Hershey’s also provides knowledgeable technical support; users find assistance to be only a phone call away. Our friendly customer service reps actually solve many problems over the phone, but for more complex issues, our service techs can usually be headed for your business within a few hours to solve the problem. And rest assured, since we stock every part for the machine at our Illinois plant, we can rush any replacement part to your facility.

Up close image of parts on a metal folding machine inside of the Hershey's Metal Meister factory in Mattoon, Illinois
Shelving holding parts for the metal folding machines at the Hershey's Metal Meister facility in Mattoon, Illinois


Hershey's Metal Meister

Foundational Principles

All we have belongs to the Lord. As stewards, we strive to use these earthly possessions to bring honor and glory to our Creator. We endeavor to treat our customers the way we would wish to be treated and are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Dedicated Team

Jeremy HensonCEO
Homar BontragerDirector of Operations
Trevor BufordVP of Sales
Jake HoenesCOO
Phil HerschbergerService Manager

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We understand that every purchase of a Hershey’s Metal Meister product is an investment of trust in our company. We are humbled by that and in turn commit to giving you the support you deserve!